Become Our Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming our partner.

At Trade Metallica, we know and understand that, relationships and trust are crucial elements of steel-business.

We constantly try to engage and endeavor to form long-standing partnerships with steel producers, consumers, and traders world-wide. In an age where information and knowledge of the markets is the "key", we believe in sharing it to create win-win opportunities.

What will you get?

We are currently scouting for partners for long term business cooperation. If you are a steel or an ancillary product producer, we'll help you sell your produce and also provide you representation in India and other countries.

If you are a steel consumer, we'll help you by procuring the steel you need at the prices you can afford. If you are a steel trading house, we'll share your requirements and offerings through our network of partners. You may also want us to represent you in unrepresented countries.

To know more about Trade Metallica business development plan send a mail to Mr Ashwani Kumar